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The Full Story

Bellmont History


Settlement in the area that now includes Belmont began in 1630. In 1805, Frederick Tudor began cutting ice on Fresh Pond. As his business grew, he decided to build a railroad from his wharves in Charlestown to Fresh Pond in 1843 to move cut ice around the area. As a result, settlements started blooming near the Wellington Station (present day Belmont Center) and Waverley Station (later known as Waverly Square).

A group of about 1,000 people joined together in the early 1850's and announced their desire to form a separate town. One of the most enthusiastic advocates was John Perkins Cushing. He was the largest taxpayer of the proposed town, who gave generously to the incorporation expense on the condition that it would be named after his 200 acre estate Bellmont.

Bellmont means Beautiful Mountain.

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Bellmont Caffe, Today

Bellmont Caffe is in the heart of one of Belmont's main streets. Established in 2014, the caffe changed hands in 2018 to Rachid Smairi. Rachid immigrated from Morocco and began his coffee career as a master barista at both Starbucks and Dunkin's. He is living his American dream, owning his own coffee shop. Bellmont Caffe is loved by many local Belmontians as well as those surrounding the area. Each season gives us the opportunity to excel at what we do best – put love in to food & coffee.

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